Outside of the lessons I’ve learned through the trials of life, there’s nothing particularly interesting that sets me apart from the sea of billions. Those who know me well tend to point out that I’ve been through a lot, but that depends on one’s perspective. Every person has their own joys, tribulations and triumphs in life.

I was raised by a mother who loved me more than the world and worked hard to make sure that I led an enriching life filled with educational opportunities and adventure. I was fortunate in many ways–my mom, grandma and grandpa surrounded me with love as a child. And though there have been times when I’ve felt the sting of abandonment caused by my absent father, when I need fatherly love today, I turn to my Heavenly Father.

Growing up, I played the clarinet in the school band, danced and participated in school plays. I’ve always been fascinated with marine biology and the essence of human nature, but one passion lasted the test of time–writing. I’ve been writing for fun since I can remember and have kept a journal since the age of nine.

Though my mom and grandparents would talk with me about God and introduced me to prayer and scripture, I overlooked God’s presence in my life for years. Jesus was a complete stranger to me. I’d pray to God every now and then but for the most part, I stumbled through extremely trying times without giving any thought to Him. I know now that had I sincerely invited God into my heart, it would have been easier to climb life’s strenuous mountains and much more rewarding at the peaks.

It wasn’t until I was 30 years old that Jesus made a surprise appearance in my life. Though I’d I literally never given a single thought to Jesus in my entire life until that moment, I became an unquestioning believer in an instant. He whisked into my life at the most important moment of my life, and knew exactly how to reach my heart. Perhaps one day I’ll share the testimony on this site.

Years later, I have two children whom I thank God for every day. Every night, despite what we’ve been through, I feel so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to see my kids through another day and that I get to be their mom. My husband and I just celebrated our 10-year anniversary together and we are lucky to have each other. I now regularly attend church and every day that I wake, I feel so incredibly grateful to God and Jesus. I’m learning about the grace that He offers, especially as I stumble through life, and about the essence of His nature, love and power. I wish for every circumstance in my life to become about Him.

Life’s struggles and troubles are still there, I make quite a few mistakes on a daily basis, but I face the wild seas with less anxiety. I don’t feel alone and I feel God’s love and grace every day. I’ve felt His presence in my life so many times since becoming a true believer through answered prayers, little miracles and directly experiencing the way only God can engineer out-of-the-box situations to change a person’s heart, including mine.

I’m currently authoring a book for parents with young children to help them bring a love for God and Jesus into their child’s life. Each of us has our own special path in life that God created for us, our own weight to carry, thorns and trials. Knowing God and keeping Him at the center of it all makes even the troubles seem glorious when you see how God can work in them for the good. I wish for every child to learn about God’s love for them and to know that through Christ, anything is possible.

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